Council Launches New Project to Support People with Hearing Loss

A new service called ‘Hear to Meet’ has been launched by The Council It aims to support people with hearing difficulties, particularly where this has just been diagnosed.

People who experience hearing loss often find it difficult to use hearing aids and stop using them which is not a good practice since as a result they can become very isolated.
Action on Hearing Loss (previously called RNID) together with the Audiology Department at Queens Hospital have seen the project implemented. The service will be primarily run by volunteers. It will offer social groups for company and mutual support as well as one-to-one support for the use of hearing aids and advising on equipment, the cleaners in Dagenham said.

Cabinet Member for Health, Councillor Maureen Worby, said that the majority of people with hearing impairment develop their hearing loss in later point of life, which can be very traumatic. Therefore, any additional support will give people confidence, that they may have lost.